Trippen’s Privacy Policy

Trippen’s privacy policy was written to explain why 'Trippen' (Products and services provided by, Günenç Teknoloji LTD. ŞTİ(Us), like SDK and API’s, technologies and software that are essential to serve for Trippen mobile application, Trippen website and Trippen blog) collects the required data, why we process it and how you can update and delete this information. To find out how to access the data we collect and how to delete this data you can go to Trippen Settings.

1. Data collected by Trippen

1.1 Data provided and generated by you and others

You will share your name (and/or name that is changed afterwards) username, password, photograph and other personal information with us with a purpose of using Trippen. We collect this data, the content that will be composed by you, your posts, message chats with other users, media information that you provide and other information. Contents of data that you provide (meta data) is included. For example; when you upload an image, the location and date of the image is a part of the data that we collect. When creating an account, if you are signed with a third party (Facebook, Instagram, Google etc.) we collect data within restriction of these applications.

When using Trippen we also collect content that you upload, create, or receive from others. We also collect others’ data like content and information as yours. This data may include comments of content that belongs to you, posts that others have shared, text and images that have you in, photographs that belong to you and personal information etc.

In this context, contents that is provided by you and others, messages and comments are gathered, processed and analysed for the purpose of being mentioned further on.

Personal information such as race, ethnicity, philosophical beliefs, communions, associations, charitable institution or membership of unions, health and sexual life and prison convictions may be liable to private preservation in your own country. Access to sharing this information is the responsibility of the user whom shares it.

1.2 Data we collect while using our service

We collect data about users you view and interact with, how you interact with accounts and types of contents; time of your actions, frequency and duration when you use Trippen.

From devices (PC, mobile phone etc.) that you have gained access to Trippen to, Trippen will collect data about these devices, process and analyse them. Data like operating systems, hardware, software, storage space, browser type etc., devices features and Bluetooth, WI-FI, beacon, access points like base stations and their signal force; GPS signal force are collected. Furthermore, the time-zone that determines your area, GPS location, language, IP address are also data that we collect.

To get more information about the storage of our collected data, you may examine Trippen’s Cookie Terms.

We are being provided by third-parties to increase Trippen’ s service quality. To get information of these providers:

        Google Analytics



2. How Is Collected Data Used

We collect your information to analyse data (location information, contents shared, time information etc.) collected from you and others to provide a better service (application updates, person and content products of interaction, advertisements etc.) for your preferences. Also, we use this information and information provided by our third-parties, for study and support of public benefit and technologic developments.

We use contact information provided by you, to contact you, send marketing messages and to notify our terms and conditions. In a suspicious case of security seen by us, we can contact or notify you in this case. Also, when you contact us, to solve your problem and help you, we keep a record of your requests and use the data that we have collected from you to give your request a reply.

3. How is Collected Data Shared

Your data can be shared with others as explained below:

When you use Trippen, you serve data like contents that you have shared, message chats, personal information etc. will be shared with your intended audience of your choice. Information open to the public will be able to view, upload, save or repost by third-party providers, search engines, other users, guest users, websites, and other services. We can also share with other users if you are online or not and when you were last active online whilst using Trippen.

The audience of your choice of your posts can see your posts, message chats, comments and other interactions on Trippen and can share them with Trippen, other applications, websites or in a mail environment etc. Other users can share images, texts, personal information etc. about you with their intended audience. This is why you should be cautious with your posts and your post’s target audience.

In the case of us merging with another company, buying another company or the subversion of the company; in the case of change in our product’s or property’s owner and if all or part change of management or administration is to occur, we can transfer your information to the new owner or owners.

To increase Trippen’s service quality, to assure Trippen’s continuity and to receive analyse and measurement reports we can share information about you with previously mentioned third party providers.

Encountering of law enforcement agency or legal demands

To be able to fulfil the country you reside in or other country’s legal claims (like search warrants, court orders) in accordance with the law (in the case that if we a good-belief that law requires to do so),

to prevent and intervene the harm that may occur in the cases of illegal activities, fraud, harmful activities, violation of our terms and conditions and unauthorised use,

in the case of any of the above and probable dangerous situations, to protect you, us, Trippen, third party providers and others,

we can share with law enforcements or other public institutions or preserve your information when required.

In the case of being involved with legal operations or with the intention of preventing harm, as long as it is required, data can be accessed, stored or preserved. Information and data can be stored to prevent repetition of misappropriation, violation of our terms and conditions and violation of other rights as long as it is required. Moreover, information of accounts that have been shut down or deleted due to violation of terms, legal reasonings and other reasons will be stored as long as it is required.

4. How can you manage your information

You have the opportunity to access, edit and delete your information. You should be careful about your deletion processes. When you delete your account, contents like photographs, trips and updates you have shared will be deleted. There is no un-doing the deletion process, this type of information can not be recovered. Contents like message chats may continue to be visible to people you have sent them to. Contents that others have shared about you will not be deleted. This type of information can only be deleted by the user who has posted it. User data is stored as long as required in order to continue to offer Trippen to our users. However, when you want to delete your data, your data will be deleted in the conditions as mentioned above. Duration time of preservation of data, may change according to the reasoning of preservation (legal reasons, data types, technical necessities, processing reason etc.).

5. Data transferring around the world

Data you have shared and data we have collected may be processed in different servers around the world due to reasons like security and productivity. Therefore, your data may be processed by third party providers and in servers other than the country you reside in. Regardless of where your information is being processed, the protection of this policy remains to be performed the same.

6. Changes in our policy

We may have to make updates in our policy for reasons like changing technology, product characteristics and updates or laws. In this case we will notify you. We will notify you through the channels like contact information that you have shared with us or on the application.

7. Contacting Trippen

You can contact us on the internet

Trippen Application Rules and Regulations

We give you the opportunity to share your experiences on your trips and daily use with others on Trippen. We aim to present new and different features for your use in the future. In order to protect Trippen users and others, their rights and their safety, limited permission is given below in the accordance with Trippen’s usage. Application Rules and Regulations are written to determine these limitations. When you start to use Trippen, you are accounted of accepting these rules and regulations. These Rules and Regulations constitute an agreement between you and us.

  1. Privacy policy

We use the information that you present to us to ensure the safety of Trippen, third party providers, you and others, and to allow continuity of service and developments that Trippen offers to you. We also use this information to improve and personalise your use of Trippen and your interaction with Trippen. The information that you present to us is required to be preserved in other countries that you reside in for security and continuity of information you served and Trippen. Furthermore, in order to use the information for Trippen’s continuity and improvement, we also share it with third party providers. In order to use Trippen, you will be accounted that you accept our privacy policy, in which you may get information on how we collect your information and everything in detail about how we use it.

  1. Terminating an account, restrictions and other sanctions

When using Trippen, there are rules and policies that are published like the Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Trippen’ s Rules and Regulations that you must responsibly abide by. When these rules and policies are violated or if we believe that you may harm our behalf, if we are to be or to foresee that we will be exposed to a legal process, yourself, your account or your content may be placed sanctions on. These sanctions are:

- We may temporarily or for indefinite amount of time, suspend or disable your account or terminate it.

- We may make your account into limited use (disabling sharing posts, suspending usage, not interacting etc.)

- We may ask for you to edit, change or delete your posts or provided information or we can edit and delete your content, posts and information instead.

- You may have to prove the accuracy of your provided information and prove that you are the true owner of the information.

In the case of your violation or other circumstances, where required by law or permissions given, sanctions above may be carried out. These sanctions may be extended in accordance with the law. If you create new accounts after these sanctions have been applied, we can apply the same sanctions, and when needed apply the other sanctions to new account too.

If your account is deleted or shut down, İşbu Rules are accounted to be cancelled and the agreement will not apply. However, the 2nd ,3rd ,4th ,5th ,6th terms still apply even after your account terminated, deleted or suspended.

  1. Responsibilities

In order for Trippen’s usage to become widespread amongst everyone, we take control and guarantee of your usage within this agreement. You must also guarantee that you will fulfil the responsibilities of the Terms of Usage. To be able to use Trippen you must accept the Rules and Regulations and our other policies. Furthermore, you will guarantee that you will obey all the terms and policies presented to you.

In order for Trippen to be conventionalised around the world we aim to have conditions that everyone can use, that is appropriate with the law and to have sustainable security. This is why for you to use Trippen, you must accept the mentioned restrictions and stated conditions, to be appropriate to the conditions and to apply them.

  • You must enter the correctly provide us your personal information (official information like name, surname, date of birth and age). You cannot use fake information or someone else’s information like it is your own.

  • You cannot purchase, ask for or share other users account and login information. Likewise, you cannot sell or share this information.

  • To be able to use Trippen you must be at least 18 years of age or to be at the minimum age in your country to be able to use Trippen.

  • You must not be a member of any terror organisation or have any convictions linked with a terror crime.

  • You must not be convicted with any type of sexual offense. You cannot use Trippen for any type of act of sexual abuse. You cannot perform any actions that will harm, lead to violence or support violence. You cannot provoke anyone for any type of action or opinion.

  • You or your account should not have disabled previously for violation of law, terms, policies or any other our policies. You cannot perform or support any actions that are improper to the law’s operation and Trippen’ s Rules and Regulations and other terms and policies. You cannot commit a crime against the law, you cannot perform actions that will harm others and you cannot do anything with fraudulent.

  • For no reason (without our permission) you cannot create one or more accounts on Trippen to have access to information to collect data.

  • You cannot share others information that will violate their rights, private information or to openly or guide to their confidential information. This information includes intellectual property rights.

  • You cannot create a username that will offend others (religion, political, national opinions, offensive or depreciatory). Also, you cannot use an internet address or domain name without our permission.

  • In order to not answer for others fault and actions, do not share your password with others and do not transfer it. All procedures made on your account is your responsibility.


  1. Authority and rights that will arise by our usage of Trippen

The information that you share with us while you use Trippen, cookies that are created and permissions that you give is information that we require for Trippen’s continuity, innovation and security. The information that we require for use and access is found in Rules and Regulations and other conditions and policies.

When you use Trippen, we are entitled to some rights to content that you share, upload and save without us having copyright. These rights are international and are made up of rights like transferring, sharing, licencing. By using these rights, we may share, use, save, make open for everyone, anonymise, change, copy, play, translate your content and process these procedures with other types. This way we try to ensure Trippen’ s continuity, popularity and security. The owner of the rights of your information is you. However, because the content you have posted can be seen by others, on the condition that others share your posts, preserve them, take a screenshot, and download to their own device, the existence of your content may still be continued on Trippen even if you delete your content or account. To find out more about the usage, sharing and how we use content, read our Privacy Policy.

We are constantly developing new software and systems. One of these system’s aim is to analyse. You and others contents (shared posts, created but not shared posts or just stored information) are analysed. This way vicious software and actions are detected and personalized (for you and others) advertisements and content is ensured to be shown.

While using Trippen the information that you share, your interactions, usage of Trippen actions you have performed can be seen by other users. Interactions you make with sponsored posts (advertisements) are included.

We can apply your thoughts and suggestions that you present to us through Trippen or other channels. As a result, there could be a new product, a new service or an improvement. In this case we aren’t obliged to hide thoughts and suggestions that you have presented and in return there will not be a price to pay.

Trippen will be updated in the case of technology changing, changing of needs, new features and services, change of laws. In the case that these updates are not ensured, Trippen will not work on your mobile device. Moreover, for Trippen to stay up-to-date and safe we may have to change our rules, policies and conditions. In the case that the conditions and policies are to be changed, as Trippen, we will upload the update version onto your devices. You will be liable to the rules that have changed after changes and updates as you continue to use Trippen. You can find the updates to of rules on this page. This is why you should regularly keep track of our rules and other conditions and policies. When you use Trippen you agree these terms, conditions, process we make, and our policies. If you do not accept these conditions you may delete your account. You can find the updated versions of our conditions and policies on our website.

As a result of updates, we may completely remove, temporarily put aside or restrict use to Trippen, its service and its features. In the situation that we completely cease Trippen, we will try our best to let our users know a sufficient time beforehand, so that they have enough time to get the information back that belongs to them.

When using Trippen, the accuracy of the information that you share with us and the appropriation with the laws, is your responsibility. If there is a situation that there is violation of others rights (like intellectual property right, privacy rights, legal rights) or if there is a deception in question or person of target (taking on someone else’s name, change of ID, any provocation, racist of assaultive encouragement), situations like these mean that you accept that we have the right to change information specifically that others can see (e.g. username).

We share some content with you about Trippen. When you use the content that we shared with you or did not share with you, and the ones are under intellectual property (texts, images, sounds, videos, designs or services and content that will help to create content that we serve) and you create a new content on Trippen (whether you shared or not), all the rights to the content will belong to us and we do not grant you any rights to such content. Also using Trippen does not grant you any property rights to information and contents that you have accessed.

We are working for Trippen’s continuity and security. This is why when needed we benefit from our third-party providers. You will guarantee to not operate any procedures to copy, change, preserve, share, or present without change other resource’s software and to not help any who do. These procedures can only be done with only our written permission.

  1. About the software

You guarantee that you will not access to Trippen with any service and methods except interfaces and services that we serve. Also you guarantee not to interfere services that belong to us.

To serve Trippen to you, software provided by us must be used. On some devices these software may be needed to be downloaded. In time downloadable software will be needed to be updated. In this case update will be installed by itself. Some updates may be mandatory so if it has not been updated then you cannot use Trippen. As long as we have not sent you written permit, you cannot copy, distribute, share with others and change whole or part of our software. And you cannot get the source code with reverse engineering or any methods. You guarantee that you will not do these kinds of processes that explained above.

Our software is constantly inspected and updated according to technology. However, if you are to track a security bug of software, you cannot share the deficiencies, bugs or errors with others for your, Trippen’s and others’ safety. Please share these with us.

  1. About these rules

As mentioned previously, if we are not to do any procedure about your account, information or yourselves, this does not mean we won’t proceed an operation and does not show that we draw-back from any of our rights. Some procedures take time, when a procedure is necessary; we will either take an immediate or a long-term action.

These rules will not grant any right in favour to a third person. However, in the case of us merging with another company, buying another company or the subversion of the company; if all or part change of management or administration is to occur or by law, we can transfer our rights and authorities to the new owner or owners.

We reserve all the rights not expressly granted to you.

  1. Responsibilities we refuse

We want everyone to use Trippen easily and happily and this is why we try our best to determine open and understandable rules best to our ability. However, we present Trippen and utilities that Trippen needs to work like services and opportunities 'as it is'. However hard we try for Trippen’s security and continuity, we can never guarantee that it will be perfect, secure and safe all the time. Because we cannot foresee when problems will arise, we cannot guarantee that Trippen, products and services will always work perfectly and safe. To the extent permitted by the law we disclaim all warranties. These conditions mean that you accept that we are not responsible for any problem that occurs from Trippen or its rules and its potential result being financial loss, profit, salary, information, data loss, exemplary and incidental damages. Deleting your account, content or information and letting us know about the mentioned harm is included. Also you accept that we disclaim all warranties, harms and damages included unforeseen damages.

We aim that Trippen appeals to as many people as possible. We expect that everyone who uses Trippen obeys our rules, conditions and policies. This way we aren’t managing what anyone (you and others) does (actions that are performed and things that are said). This is why our behalf is not responsible for content (contents that do not comply with our rules, conditions, and policies etc. or maybe found inappropriate for other reasons.) you and others have shared or created or your behaviour online or offline.

  1. Other

If you are using Trippen for commercial reasons, in the name of your own business or in the name of a different business, these rules are valid for that businesses too. Businesses accept to pay compensation and damages in the case of violation of rules, policies and conditions that is due to the use of Trippen or services that are connected with Trippen that all every type and form of claims, harm, loss, damage, court cases, court verdicts, court costs, lawyer payments including all cases and legal procedures and will hold Trippen and Trippen’s subsidiaries, attendant, middlemen, and workers harmless.

To use Trippen, you have to accept the rules, policies, conditions and agreements (published conditions, provision and all contractual texts) and that not any part can be applied or if to be invalid, the rest will remain to be valid. In this situation there will be no renunciation. Renunciant or changes of these rules will only be edited and signed by our behalves.

You cannot transfer temporarily or indefinitely your rights, responsibilities and obligations without our official permission.

  1. In the case of conflict

We continuously work on our rules and regulations to protect you and others and our rights while using Trippen. We believe that there is good will in protecting and all of our rules and regulations built on good will. However, if there is any conflict, allegation or similar case, the laws in the country you reside in will be valid. In this country you may defend your allegations, apply to court and solve it.

Also, any other cases will be opened in courts of T.C Çağlayan (Istanbul/Turkey) and will be accepting judicial power of these trials.